Code of Conduct

We're a world-class global financial services firm with a 'just did' mentality. We are a leader in asset management, investment banking, financial services for consumers and small businesses, commercial banking and financial transaction processing. We are leaders in Legal, Global Globalisation Experts and innovators in IT.

We're a unique company. Our group of experts travel the world, hosting meetings and talking to all of our shareholders as much as possible in person.

We are firm believers in:

"Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world"


Financial Services

We eat targets for breakfast as our sales canon Mr. Jefferson is demonstrating here.

Legal department

Our strong Legal department is a fierce one, led by Mr.Brahms, who has never lost a case in his life.


Our guys in IT, do lots of computer related stuff. They fix our Outlook on a daily basis.

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Being a COC shareholder means sharing and supporting our ambitions to become more powerful, more global and more dominating. You'll be investing in a profitable and high-growth share. As a token of our appreciation you can buy an office mug with a great discount!